AccuRelief Wireless Tens unit review

AccuRelief Wireless TENS Pain Reliever ACRL-9000

Tens unit come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These devices help you with pain relief without any from of medication, and what makes them different is that, different tens units have different interesting features. In this review we will discuss each and everything about accurelief in detail.

Accurelief tens is a colorful and well built tens machine. It has sturdy and durable design. It’s pads are isolated and they are wireless, and you can place them anywhere on your body except certain parts(read here). It’s not the most powerful model on the market but it’s pretty decent and has a fair amount of modes and settings.

Before proceeding if you have certain medical conditions then you cannot use the tens unit refer here to know for which conditions you cannot use the tens unit.

For detailed discussion of features head here.

Killer feature:- It comes with a exclusive wireless remote controller. Which lets you control the device through a remote control. And you can attach the pads on your back and then use the remote to change it’s settings.

What it comes with?

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1 x Remote control

 Wireless controller to set the settings of your device from a distant.

2 x Gel Pads

Attach these pads to the Gel Pad units properly before using the device. But do make sure that cells are added to the pad units before you attach the gel pads.

1 x Carrying bag

Makes it convenient to carry the tens unit around.

1 x User Manual

Comes with detailed instructions on how to use the device, also tells about many precautions and safety measures.

1 x Quick Start Guide

Infographic showing how to quickly set up the device and start using.

2 x Gel Pad units(A & B)

These both are individual accurelief tens unit which are being controlled by your wireless remote.    

6 x AAA batteries

Plug these batteries inside the remote and both of the gel pad units to make your tens machine start working.

Device Breakdown


When you turn any channel knob clockwise, it switches the channel on, but as you further turn it. It increases the current intensity. On the other hand, if you turn the knob completely backwards, it switches off the channel.

Both channels are independent of each other  so you can have different magnitude of currents on different pads.

Tens Pad units

These are basically tens machines, and each of them have two holes. And onto these hole you will attach the gel pads.

“+ & -” buttons

Increase or decrease the intensity value.

How to use AccuRelief tens unit

Step 1:- First insert batteries into the battery compartment of the remote and then into the battery compartment of the pad units.

Step 2:- Connect the gel pads to the pad units.

Step 3:- Turn on the tens pad by pressing the + button.

Step 4:-  Increase or decrease the intensity by using the “+” and “-” buttons on either the remote or the tens pad.

Step 5 :- The device will automatically work for next 30 mins.

Step 6:- To turn on the device continuously click the “-” buttons until it turns off.

We highly recommend you to read the accurelief wireless tens manual. It’s very informative and user friendly. It also comes a with a detailed quick start guide.

Discussion on it’s features


It comes with only 1 mode which is very limiting as many patients will like different modes for different parts of the body and also in general. It gives different frequencies and pulse width over the fixed 30 minutes time interval.

Accurelief wireless tens pads

The accurelief electrodes which it comes pre packed with aren’t the best in quality. We recommend investing in tens 7000 replacement pads. We have a detailed article on tens replacement pads here. We also recommend using electrolytic gel on your skin while using tens for older pads. And we also recommend using a presperent on your skin. As sweat is the main thing which lessens the pads life.

Accurelief Recommended Settings

We’re not so sure what advice to give on this topic. Because every patient will have different requirements and needs. But what we do suggest is that keep the current level low and slowly increase it and see the affect. And make sure your muscle do not twitch. Play around with the modulation and width settings and see what suits you best.

Pros and Cons explained


Rigid Body

It has a strong plastic body with a v solid hand. This makes it easier to hold and less likely to fall; moreover, its design allows it to take more damage.

Wireless Remote

So this is its main feature which differentiates it from other tens machine wireless devices. Through it you can simply place the tens device on any part of your body and control it with your device. It’s a handy feature to have.


Not rechargeable

It comes with cells and with multiple uses the cells life will eventually be finished and you will need to invest again and again in cells. It’s not a huge problem but still it would have been better if it was chargeable. We recommend you to buy chargeable to cells to use with your tens device.

Expensive pads replacement

The pads are definitely not the best quality, but they’ll still get the job done. However, if you want to maximise the life of these pads. Then what you can do is use antiperspirant.  Because sweat is the main factor, which lowers the life of your tens electrodes.

Short life of accurelief pads

These pads have a very short life. Even inside the manual its says that the pads will only for 10 consecutive treatments which is extremely less.

Fixed usage time

The therapy time is only 30 minutes and it cannot be further extended then this and that’s the default time for all treatments. You have to start treatment again if you want longer treatment.

Our Recommended tips

How to extend pads life?

First of all you must shave the area where you want to place tens pads, that will prevent wear and tear and on top of that we recommend that you use antiperspirant to extend the pads life.

How to adjust the intensity of current properly?

While increasing the intensity of the current, make sure you don’t increase the intensity to the point that your muscle twitches. Make sure it’s below that level.

Which pads to buy?

You have no option for this particular brand of tens unit as you will need to buy their default pads as only they can be properly be attached to the pad holder units. Which is called accurelief wireless control tens supply kit. Moreover, this accurelief universal supply kit is also more expensive.

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