Benefits of Using TENS Units During Pregnancy

A TENS unit is a device that uses electrical nerve stimulation in order to help manage chronic pain. Electrodes are attached to sticky pads which are then placed on the patient’s skin. The electrical impulses trigger your brain to release certain chemicals, like dopamine, which offer a natural pain relief. Many patients who have utilized TENS units attest to the amazing pain relieving benefits they have experienced, even after only a few hours. Doctors often prescribe TENS units for their patients who are experiencing pain due tao surgery or injuries. Additionally, the use of a TENS unit during pregnancy is becoming a very common method of dealing with all types of pregnancy related pain. In fact, a TENS unit can even be used during labor in order to help alleviate the pain associated with child birth.

A TENS unit offers a natural method of pain relief that can be beneficial during pregnancy or labor. It is not unusual for a pregnant woman to experience a variety of aches and pains throughout her pregnancy. Most of these pains require very little attention or treatment; however, there are some women who experience extreme pain and need the relief that a TENS unit can provide. Other times, women develop complications resulting from the strain of carrying the baby’s additional weight and this can create lower back pain. Of course, pregnant women need to be very careful in the types of medications they take; especially given the fact that some pain medications can be harmful to an unborn baby. Some side effects that are common with certain medications include premature births, birth defects and low birth rates. This is why so many women are turning to alternative pain relief methods during pregnancy. A TENS unit not only provides natural method of pain relief, but it can also help a pregnant woman handle their pain more efficiently. A TENS unit can also help relieve the pain associated with false contractions.

A TENS unit can be used during childbirth as a natural alternative to other pain management techniques, such as drugs or an epidural. Many women choose natural child birth because they do not want to expose their unborn child to pain relief medications. However, a TENS unit can typically provide the natural pain relief a woman needs during labor, but this should be discussed with your doctor prior to labor. Most doctors will agree to the use of a TENS unit because they understand the pain relief benefits it can provide.

Using a TENS unit during pregnancy is especially helpful to women who experience pregnancy related aches and pains. However, all women should discuss the use of a TENS unit with their doctor prior to use. A TENS unit can help manage many types of pain, such as back or leg pain, pain from false contractions, or even sensory processing disorder. This natural method of pain relief can help ensure the pregnancy is as pain free as possible.

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