Best Tens Unit for Lower Back Pain : Review & Guide [ updated April 2020 ]

Tens Unit for Lower Back PainSuffering from chronic pain and need an effective yet simple way of releasing the pain? Well, apart from medication, which you can develop dependence on and tolerance against, the simple solution is to look for a TENS Unit that can help relieve your chronic pain.


Using a Tens Unit is an effective and tried method to relieve not only knee pain, but also other kinds of pains and problems like sprains, strains and fatigue. They’re ideal for individuals who are allergic to painkiller medications or have developed a level of tolerance against them.


TENS Units are frequently used to relieve chronic or acute lower back, shoulder, neck and knee pain.


When choosing a TENS Unit, you need to make sure that the product you’re purchasing works effectively. To help you find the best TENS Unit for yourself, we’ve listed the top TENS units for knee pains that you can find, below. So, keep reading to find out more!


How does a TENS Unit work?

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) units work by sending electrical impulses to your nerves. These electrical impulses generate impulses in your nerves, which can block incoming pain signals if they’re stimulated to a certain extent. The electrical pulses generated are very minute and are felt as tiny vibrations.

TENS units come with electrodes and pads, which are used to generate and send the impulses to your skin. The user can control the intensity of the stimulus generated depending on the intensity of pain that is to be controlled.



Key Features to Consider While Purchasing a TENS Unit


Battery Life

The battery life of a TENS Unit determines the duration for which you can use the unit as well as the duration of each session. Some units come with external batteries that can be replaced, while other units come with batteries that can be charged. However, if you choose one with rechargeable batteries, you need to keep in mind that the charging time can often be very long with these batteries.




The number of pads that come with a TENS unit determine the number of areas on the body that can be targeted simultaneously in a single session. Therefore, it’s a very important factor in determining which TENS unit to buy. Furthermore, the pads come in different shapes and sizes. You should keep in mind your target area while making your decision. For small areas like the hands and joints, you need smaller pads whereas for larger areas like your back, you need larger pads.

However, the pads do not have long lives so you will need to change them frequently. Therefore, it’s best to choose your pads wisely because they’ll determine how effective your TENS unit plan will work against pain.

Another point to note here is that you can use additional conductive gels at the contact points of the pads with your body. These gels will help reduce the air resistance between the pads and your body, and will give the impulses a more efficient way to travel to your body from the electrodes.



EMS Functionality

EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulator) Functionality is an interesting and exciting feature to have in any TENS unit. Using the EMS functionality, you can stimulate your muscles to contract without actually doing any physical work yourself! EMS functionality is a great mode to experiment with on your TENS unit.




At the end of the day, the price and the value of money matters a lot when choosing which TENS unit to buy. Of course, you want something that will last and ease your pain, but you can’t do that if it’s going to put a huge dent on your wallet!

[go_pricing id=”kneepain”] Top 10 Tens Unit for Knee Pain



  • iRelieve WIRELESS TENS UNIT + EMS MUSCLE STIMULATOR (The Most Innovative TENS Unit – Our Top Pick)



This model has a sleek and innovative design. It offers four wireless pads with isolated outputs so that you can relieve pain on multiple parts of your body simultaneously. It is user-friendly and has a lot of specifications.

Furthermore, this TENS unit has an inbuilt EMS stimulator as well.

However, this also means that  the iRelieve Wireless TENS Unit is the most expensive one on our list!

Additionally, even though a maximum of four pads can be used in this TENS unit, those 4 pads have both positive and negative terminals on each pad. This means that even though this TENS unit has four pads, it does with four what other TENS units can do only with two! The pads are also large in size, so they can cover a vast area of your body.


Key features/Pros:

intuitive and unique design



Great LCD

EMS Functionality

Extended Battery Life

Four Pads

Isolated Pads





Pad replacements are also expensive



  1. WiTouch Pro Wireless Bluetooth TENS

(Tens with Wi fi)

This is an brand new addition into our list. Not only it comes pack with many features but being wi fi enabled it’s super convenient to you. It comes with many modes and it comes with 6 pads for replacement, and it’s very easy to place on your back and then use it through your phone. It’s medium ranged




Key Features/Pros:

Wi Fi Enabled

Multiple pads

Cheaper pads

Many pre build modes

Nice Mobile UI




No ems functionality

Not powerful



  1. Quell 2.0 Wearable Pain Relief(Belt shaped tens unit)

This model isn’t your typical tens device. This one looks like a belt. You just simply wear and and let it fix your back pain. It has a very sleek and stylish design and its very easy to use.


Key features/pros:





No pads

Only for back pain

Limited modes














  1. iRelieve TENS + EMS COMBINATION UNIT (Best mid-budget Device)

Another iRelieve product has made it to our top 10 list! However, this one is way cheaper than the other one when it comes to the price. The good news is that it comes with rich features, just like the one we discussed earlier. EMS functionality is available in this model, and it comes with 8 small and 4 large pads.

This model is not rechargeable and its batteries have to be replaced after they die out. The design of this unit is modest and its price isn’t too high either.

You should check it out if you don’t want to invest too much in your TENS unit but also want all of the functions!


Key features/pros:


comes with a bag and belt

EMS functionality

Modest design




The battery isn’t rechargeable

The pads are wired




  1. TENS 7000 2nd Edition

This is another TENS unit model that bags functionality in a low price. Its compact design, multiple built-in modes and user-friendly interface have ensured its presence in our top 10 list.

However, it lacks EMS functionality and isn’t rechargeable.

This TENS unit model comes with a bag so that you can carry it around without any hassle. Furthermore, it comes with a detailed manual on how to use the unit.


Key features/pros:


Sturdy and strong body

Comes with a carrying bag

Simple user interface

Cheap pads




Lacks EMS functionality

Not rechargeable




  1. AccuRelief Wireless TENS Unit With Remote Control

This is the most expensive model on our list, amounting to a whopping $250! What makes this model special and worthy of attention? Well, it has three different pad sizes, from small to large, so that you can apply it to any part of your body. This makes its operation a lot more effective and efficient. Furthermore, this model has the largest display. It also allows its users to fully customize the pain-control programs.

However, unlike its predecessor, it doesn’t come with a bag.


Key feaures/pros:

Largest LCD display

Rechargeable battery

EMS functionality

Multiple pad sizes






Doesn’t come with a bag


7.Ulaif 3 in 1 Tens Unit, Ems and Massager(Only 3 in 1 Device)


This is a very unique device on our list, it doesn’t has as much tens functionality as the other devices, however it compensates that by having massaging feature. Which adds an extra punch to the device. It’s has a good design and its user friendly.  It lacks a touch screen, but buttons do the job equally as well. Good options for those who want get a massage after a tens therapy.

Key Feature:-

Tens Unit with massaging feature.



Massaging feature

User friendly interface

Cheap Pads


Unfriendly User Interface

Less tens treatment modes








  1. AUVON Dual Channel TENS Unit(Tens with with Pad Holder)

With a modest design and simply user interface, this tens unit surprise us with the amount of features it has. Not only does it has different sizes pads, but it also has pad holder! It has rechargeable batteries and wired

connections. And has many modes.

Key Feature:-

Full of Accessories.



Carrying bag.

Multiple pad sizes

Cheap pads


Lacks EMS functionality

Unfriendly User interface

  1. NURSAL Rechargeable FDA Cleared TENS

Very lightweight which makes it a portable tens unit. It has many different sizes of pads, however it has less number of pads of the same type. It also has rechargeable battery and has simple user interface.

Key Feature:-

Light Weight



Different types of pads




Unfriendly User interface

Less number of pads

Less modes

Lacks EMS functionality




10.TechCare Mini Massager(Most Portable Tens Unit)

And finally the the smallest tens unit in our list. Though it has very limited modes, but it comes with different pad sizes and a backpack. But what’s more surprising that it has EMS functionality.

Key Feature:-

Mini tens unit.



Different pads sizes

Ems functionality


Less pads

Very Less modes

Unfriendly user interface




Best Tens Unit (Our Pick up)[Table]

Best High Price



Best Mid Price

WiTouch Pro Wireless Bluetooth TENS


Best Low Price

TechCare Mini Massager


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