healthmateforever yk15ab review

Looking for an easy-to-use tens unit for personal use? The healthmateforever massager has got you covered with its wide range of features suited just for your needs. The yk15ab tens comes with a wide display with buttons for all body parts where you can set the pads of a tens unit. To give a brief overview of this feature, here is a list of its pros and cons. And we will explain all its features, how to use and instructions in detail in this healthmateforever yk15ab review.

What it comes with?

Tens + Ems device

This is the device itself which you will be using for your therapies.

Pads Holder

This a unique feature as it allows you to hold your pads and not get them dirty

AAA Batteries x 3

Battery to insert in the device. As it’s not rechargeable.

4  sets of Lead wires

To connect the pads to the device

8  sets of self adhesive healthmateforever pads 1.5 inch

Electrolytes which are placed over the body through which electrical impulses travel.

Warranty Card

Is your device has issues then you can use this.

Healthmateforever User Manual

This comes with all the details on how to use the device and explains all parts and features in great detail.

Device Breakdown

4 output slot: A1/A2 and B1/B2. To connect the electrodes you attach the wires in the pair of two outputs A1/A2 or B1/B2.

Several Mode buttons:- It comes with 15 modes, with each mode button targeting a different body part. It comes with labelled buttons for the specific body part labelled onto it. Examples include buttons for the neck and the shoulders.

Side Increment/Decrement buttons:- There are two sets of these buttons on each side of the device. The buttons deal with increasing or decreasing the intensity of that channel.

Speed Increment/ Decrement buttons:- You use these to either increase or decrease speed of that particular mode.

How to use healthmateforever

healthmateforever instructions

Place pads

Take healthmateforever pads. Remove the plastic covering on top of the pad and stick them around the area on your body you wish to target.

Connect Pad and device

Plug them into the yk15ab tens machine. Make sure you use either A1/A2 or B1/B2 channel for each pad pair. Don’t alternate.

Turn on the machine

Push the ON/OFF switch which is located at the right side of the device. Check if the screen turns on. If it doesn’t then check your battery.

Select mode button depending on body part

There are several mode buttons. Each is named after a different body part because each mode button is specific treatment for that body part. Click on the button according to the body part you wish to target. Each mode has an 80 minute default timer. You can not change it

Change Intensity of that mode

Adjust the intensity by “intensity +” and “intensity -” located on left and right side of the device. Both sides correspond with different channels. So increase or decrease intensity of that particular channel by using the correct side.

Change speed for that mode

To increase or decrease speed press the “speed +” or “speed -” buttons near the bottom of the front of the device.

We highly recommend you to read the healthmateforever manual. The yk15ab manual is very informative and user friendly.

Discussion on it’s features

Easy to Use

This device comes with 15 pre build in modes. Modes are divided into categories which target different body parts. Each button is labelled with the part which it targets that makes it very user friendly. Let’s say you want to target knee pain. All you do is click on the knee button and it automatically launches a pre-set which targets that pain.

No timer functionality

This is the biggest drawback of the device. Because users cannot customise their own settings, they are stuck with an 80 minute default timer which is very long for people looking for short and medium time tens therapy.

No Custom mode functionality

Another drawback in the device is that  you can not create modes yourself. Other devices have the ability to control the impulse width and modulation and make your own unique pulses. We see this as a drawback, so settings will suit most but not all.

Pros and Cons explained


EMS functionality

This is our favorite thing about this tens unit. It features ems functionality, which helps you strengthen your muscle and make it stronger.

Several pre build modes

It comes with 15 modes. This gives users a lot of flexibility on how they want to use their tens unit.

Dual channel

You can target two different areas of concern simultaneously, and also adjust their intensity independently of each other. However, you can not adjust their speed and timer separately.


Not rechargeable

It’s not a rechargeable tens unit, and you’ll need to purchase new batteries when these expire.

No Custom mode

This is what we feel lacks the most in the device. It has no custom mode. You cannot design your own therapies and control individual parameters of the impulses

Cannot adjust time

This is the biggest drawback on this device. It has a fixed 80 min timer. Whether you want shorter or longer sessions, it’s simply not possible.

Our Recommended tips

How to extend pads life?

By using antiperspirant you can extend pad’s life. This will help you extend the life of your tens electrolytic pads and it will delay your investment in new electrode placement pads.

How to adjust the intensity of current properly?

While increasing the intensity of the current, make sure you don’t increase the intensity to the point that your muscle twitches. Make sure it’s below that level.

Which pads to buy?

You have many options on what types of pads you can buy. Refer here for more detail on tens unit pads

Safety and Precautions while using a tens unit

While tens unit is a perfectly save device to use, there are certains parts of the body where you shouldn’t use them and certain medical conditions on which you also shouldn’t use a tens machine. For example do not put the tens unit on your neck and also avoid putting on chest area as it may give cardiac arrest. Kindly refer to your doctor to where and when to use a tens device. However, it’s perfectly use to use it on hands, legs, knees, lower back, foot and other parts.

We hope that you got the information you’re looking for in this review for healthmateforever yk15ab tens unit. And it will help you make better choice while buying a tens unit. Leave a comment below to let us know what you think. We will be glad to reply to you

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