How to use tens machine for lower back pain

Tens unit is the is a really good product for pain relief. This product helps relieve the pain by electric impulses which finish the pain sense over the target area. And on many parts the body like knee, shoulders and back pain areas. We’re gonna explain you how to use tens machine for lower back pain in this article in detail. It’s super easy to use and you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Tens unit help in pain relief only, but tens unit does not solve the reason behind that pain.

People very often have a pain in there muscles or in the tissues. That can be very irritating sometimes. They have to take multiple medicines and it can cost them a fortune. The reason behind the pain is usually contracting of muscle tissues leaving behind a very stingy pain. You can not lift anything or do your regular work like a normal person because as soon as you lift something the pain starts to catch up.

But that pain is not going to bother because the tens unit that you have brought is a device people like you need. Its very easy to use, its safe(refer to manuals for safety instructions), plus you just have to buy it one time and say goodbye to that horrible pain.

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Check Battery

Now that your tens unit has arrived. You need to insert batteries in it. Obviously for it to work.

See if it turns on, if not insert batteries in it and its ready to cure pain.

Connect the pads wires

It comes with two channels. Each channel has two pads. You can use 2 channels as well if you wish to cover a wide area of your pain. 2 channels mean 4 pads. But do consult some specialist before using 2 tens unit.

Remove plastic film on pads

You will see that the pads are etched on a plastic. You have to remove it before using the pads.

Tens placement for lower back pain

The pads are sticky and they would stick to any surface of your body. But, with time the pad will lose their stickiness. So for that, use electrolytic gel.

Choose one of the modes

Tens unit comes with many modes, depending upon the pain. like, you have a pain in your lower back. Simply press the mode which says back and you are ready to go. All the modes are set accordingly.

Adjust Intensity

Normally intensity should be adjusted by the person using it, because only he knows how much comfortable he needs to be.

Adjust time

The last thing you need to do is to set the timer. Normally if the pain if greater, set up the time for longer period and if its small then set the timer to less time.

Now sit back and relax and let the tens machine work.

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Possible Tens Problems and Questions

Which Pads to use for lower back pain relief machine and tens placement for lower back pain

The device has multiple sizes and shapes of pads. For lower back pain you can use the simple pads or you can use the spine pad. The spine pad is just a single very huge pad which covers a very major area of your back and it can prove to be very beneficial.

When to use tens pad gel

On removing the plastic off the pads, you will see that they are sticky. But on using it several times, stickiness will get loose and you will have to use the gel in order for it to stick properly with your body.

What causes lower back pain?

Lower back pain is caused usually due to lifting heavy stuff. Like weight lifters often have back pain and they use belts so that the pressure can’t build at their backs. Also the nerves contract due to which the pain occurs.

Why use tens unit for lower back pain?

You can take medicines for your pain or you could operate the pain. but both of them have side effects. And can be very fatal. Tens machine uses electrical pulses at the area and helps the nerves not to contract anymore.

How does tens unit help pain?

We feel pain. Why? Because our brain is telling us. Do tens unit work for back pain? Yes, because brain sends electrical signals to damaged area and we feel pain. This machine sends same electrical impulses to the brain, telling the brain to not feel pain.

How effective are tens unit for herniated disc pain?

It’s super effective as you come to use it; you will know that taking medicines and therapy is just a waste your precious time. Just turn it on and while the device does its work, you can do your work at the same time,

What are Tens unit settings for lower back pain?

Back muscles are very big and normally people use the largest pads available. In that case yu can use the spine pad. The mode for back should be set and put on the pad and there you go. That’s just pretty much it. Say goodbye to your pain as the electric pulses cure the stingy pain in your back.

Are there any specific timings to use tens unit?

No, it does not matter whether its day time or night time. But it’s recommended while using it on your back to whether lye down or sit straight. Otherwise there is no compulsion.

As you can see tens unit are a great way to relieve lower back pain, we also have provided a list to find the best tens unit for your lower back pain.

We hope this guide answers most of your questions, if you have any related queries let us know below in the comment section.

Kindly check out this list if you’re interested in tens unit for lower back pain.

Pros and Cons of Using Tens Unit for Knee Pain

Pros.                                                                               Cons

Reliable                                                                      1. Pads need to be replaced.

Different Modes for different types of pain

Different Pad sizes to target different muscles

Non intrusive

We’re prepared a detailed list of top 10 best tens unit here.

Pros and Cons Explained



Tens unit is a one time investment only for all your pain relief needs, no matter where ever the pain is inside your body. So just by purchasing one unit you can be rest assured that it’ll help in all your requirements. Also, tens unit are usually sturdy and have hard cases which make them strong and lower down the chances of them breaking or getting damaged.

Different Modes

The ability to have many modes let the users specifically target the type of pain they wish to counter. Like you want to get rid of the pain in your knees then the high end and many low ends tens model will already have pre build functions for you to use.

Different Pad sizes

This also helps you greatly, as you can place pads on different muscle sizes and it improves the effectivity of tens machine. And makes the tens therapy more effective. Especially for larger knee muscle pain relief.

Non intrusive

Tens is non intrusive, unlike other ways of pain relief it works outside the body and makes the pain goes away.


Pads need to be replaced

With time the pads on the tens unit worn out. So you are required to change them.

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