How To Use Tens Unit For Knee ,Shoulder, Neck, Sciatica And Back Pains

Tens unit is widely used for relieving different pains. The reason is that its effective, easy to use and its non intrusive. But before we discuss how to use tens unit for pain relief, we must know one main point.

Tens unit help in pain relief only, but tens unit does not solve the reason behind that pain.

Pain can be caused by a variety of factors. It can be due to issues like swelling or bruises or muscular injury. It can also be due to diseases like osteoarthritis and knee arthritis. Both of which are very troublesome. Pain can also create problems to you when you try to do stretches and other exercises which are aiming to help you.

However there is no need for you to worry because we have the perfect solution for you, and that is the tens unit. We’re going to explain you and tell you about the different settings for tens unit. This will not only help you effectively remove your pain. But also bring comfort to your soaring knees.

Now sit back and relax and let the tens machine work.

Best Tens Unit For All Type Of Pain Relief

1-iReliev Wireless TENS + EMS Muscle Stimulator (Best Tens Unit)


  • Technology Used: TENS, EMS
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable, Lithium-Ion
  • Massage Modes: 14
  • Output: Quad Channel
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Wireless Pods: Comes with 2 wireless pods, but can run up to 20+ pods.
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had a lumbar fusion of L4/L5- 8 months post op and have been suffering HORRIBLE pain at night- all night long I ache so bad in my back I can't stand it...
M. R. Hill
M. R. Hill
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Bought this unit after reading an answer to a question asking if anyone used this for plantar fasciitis. I've had plantar fasciitis for 3 years...

Possible Tens Problems and Questions

Which Pads to use for Knee Pain Relief Machine and tens placement for knee pain?

Pads come in variety of different shapes and sizes. However, we recommend larger pads for knee and leg area. Knee pain is caused by larger muscles of our body. So using larger pad size is more effective because these pads cover more surface area to volume ratio. Making them more effective during electrical discharges

When to use tens pad gel?

Secondly, make sure your pads stick well with your skin, if they’re not sticking well then you should use pad jell. That makes the pad stick to your skin well. And make tens machine work properly. And effectively. For further reading check our main article about it.

What causes pain?

pain can be caused due to many reasons like swelling and leg injury. It can also be due to diseases like osteoarthritis, tendinitis etc. And it can be very painful and troublesome for people to suffer from such pains regularly.

Why use tens unit for knee pain?

One way the pain can be relieved is through medication, the second way is through tens machine. It generates electrical impulse signals which can be used to stimulate nerve impulses. And take away the sensation of the pain. Similar to the work of painkillers. However, it’s non intrusive and you can use it daily. Instead of using painkillers which can have side effects. Also tens unit can specifically target the muscle by placing the pads around it.

How does tens unit help pain?

Tens relieve pain by generating electrical nerve stimulations, which stimulate the neurons in our body and inhibit them from sending pain signals to the brain. Which then essentially finishes the sensation of pain.

How effective are tens unit?

Tens unit are indeed effective to use for knee pain. Especially if you don’t wanna eat medicine and painkillers. Therapy can easily be adjust for your own unique preferences and requirements so that you have maximum control and comfort.

What are Tens unit settings?

Many tens unit come with pre build modes specifically targeting special pains like knee and shoulder pain. Also use the biggest pads available while using tens unit for knee pain. As knee muscles are larger and it’ll work more effectively using larger pads. Also, make sure the intensity level is not too high that it starts making the muscle contract.

Are there any specific timings to use tens unit?

You can use tens unit at any time of the day. You can use tens unit at night to relieve knee pain at night when lying down. Or early in the morning. It doesn’t matter at all.

As you can see tens unit are a great way to relieve knee pain, we also have provided a list to find the best tens unit for your knee pain.
We hope this guide answers most of your questions, if you have any related queries let us know below in the comment section.

Kindly check out this list if you’re interested in tens unit for knee pain.

We’re prepared a detailed list of top 10 best tens unit here.

Pros and Cons Explained


Tens unit is a one time investment only for all your pain relief needs, no matter where ever the pain is inside your body. So just by purchasing one unit you can be rest assured that it’ll help in all your requirements. Also, tens unit are usually sturdy and have hard cases which make them strong and lower down the chances of them breaking or getting damaged.

Different Modes:

The ability to have many modes let the users specifically target the type of pain they wish to counter. Like you want to get rid of the pain in your knees then the high end and many low ends tens model will already have pre build functions for you to use.

Different Pad sizes:
This also helps you greatly, as you can place pads on different muscle sizes and it improves the effectivity of tens machine. And makes the tens therapy more effective. Especially for larger knee muscle pain relief.
Non intrusive
Tens is non intrusive, unlike other ways of pain relief it works outside the body and makes the pain goes away.


Pads need to be replaced.
With time the pads on the tens unit worn out. So you are required to change them.

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