iReliev tens ems review

iReliev tens ems is a fantastic tens unit as it comes with many different modes and functions. This tens machine comes with pain less ems functionality, a tote bag and multiple pads. We will see why this is one of the best choices for medium price tag pain relief system in this ireliev tens ems review.

It’s a powerful device as you can set its current value upto 1.3 RMSA. It also comes with 14 pre build handy functions. It has a simple design and straight forward user interface and controls.

  • Several pre build modes
  • Multiple Pads
  • Optional Back Wrap Accessory
  • Ems functionality
  • Dual Channel
  • Costly
  • Not Rechargeable
  • No Custom Modes
Key Feature:-
Comes with EMS functionality. Which makes it a great electrotherapy device.

What it comes with?

  • Tens + Ems device
  • Belt clipper & Holster
  • AAA Batteries x 3
  • Lead wires
  • Tote bags
  • 3.5’’ x 5’’ Pads
  • 2’’ x 2’’ Pads
[Design Infographic/Or pic labeling]

Device Breakdown

2 input channel slot

Here you plug in the electrode pad leads into the irelieve tens unit.

Mode button

You use this to switch between tens and ems mode. And it also allows you to pic different present modes.

Increment/ On button

You use this to turn on the device and you also use this to increment a parameter.

Decrement/Off button

You use this to turn off the device and you also use this to decrement a parameter

2 channel buttons

You use this to select a channel and then u increase of decrease intensity using the increment and decrement buttons

How to use ireliev

iRelieve tens ems instructions

Place pads
Take irelieve pads either the small ones or the larger ones, depending on the muscle size you are targeting. Then remove the plastic covering on top of the pad. And then place the pads on the skin around the pain. Also use conductive gel on your skin to increase conductivity after multiple usage.

Connect Pad and device
Now take a lead wires.connect the pads at the one end. And then connect the wire into the input of the tens unit.

Turn on the machine
Now press and hold the On button. This will turn on the tens machine.

Select mode
Press Mode button and then press and hold on button to switch to tens or press and hold off button to select ems.

Adjust time
Press mode button again and keep holding it till you see that the timer is blinking. If it is then again use the On and Off buttons to increase or decrease time in the increments of 5.

Select a Program
Press the mode button again and wait for the timer to start blinking. Release it and then press and hold it again and see if the program graphic is blinking on the screen and now pressing on and off will select between multiple modes.

Adjust intensity of the channel
Click on the channel button who’s intensity you wish to change. And then again use the on off buttons to adjust it.

We highly recommend you to read the irelieve instruction manual. It’s very informative and user friendly. You’ll easily get all the info you require.

Discussion on it’s features


This device comes with 14 modes. 8 modes for tens therapy and 4 modes for ems therapy. If you want to switch between modes. First selection tens or ems. You do that by first pressing mode button and then pressing and holding the on or off buttons. To selection a program press and hold mode button and wait to see the timer blinking on the screen. Then release it and again press and hold and see if the program graphic is blinking on the screen.If it is then use the on and off buttons to selection between different modes.

iReliev Pads

This product comes with two different product sizes. Smaller pads and larger pads. The reason there are two different sizes if to target different sizes of muscles. For larger muscles use the larger pad and for smaller muscle use the smaller pad.

Pros and Cons explained


EMS functionality

This is our favorite thing about this tens unit. It features ems functionality, which helps you strengthen your muscle.

Several pre-build modes

It comes with 14 modes. This gives users a lot of flexibility on how they want to use their tens unit.

Multiple pads

As mentioned earlier have multiple pads is useful. Not only because you can use the other pad when the first’s life finishes. But also the different sizes allow for greater control and flexibility while using the device.

Dual channel

You can target two different pain areas simultaneously. And also adjust their intensity independently of each other.

Optional Back Wrap Accessory

This is an additional purchase with the tens unit. You can use it to get pain relief for back pain. Having extra options is useful.



It’s price is a bit on the high side. But that’s okay as it also comes with ems functionality.

Not rechargeable

It’s not a rechargeable tens unit. And you’ll need to purchase new batteries when these ones finish.

No Custom mode

This is what we feel lacks the most in the device. It has no custom mode. You cannot design your own therapies and control individual parameters of the impulses

Our Recommended tips

How to extend pads life?

By using antiperspirant you can extend pads life. This will help you extend the life of your tens electrolytic pads and it will delay your investment in new electrode placement pads.

How to adjust the intensity of current properly?

While increasing the intensity of the current, make sure you don’t increase the intensity to the point that your muscle twitches. Make sure it’s below that level.

Which pads to buy?

You have many options on what types of pads you can buy. Refer here for more detail on tens unit pads.

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