TENS 7000 Deluxe Dual Unit Review

I have had a number of back surgeries in the past years but I have never gotten a TENS unit that is as effective as TENS 7000 Deluxe Dual. Here is my TENS 7000 review.

Doctors have recommended a variety of TENS units some of which are overly expensive and have a low battery life. Although some were covered by my insurance, I needed a doctor’s prescription in order to get pain management TENS units.

After months of no difference in my post surgical pain, I decided to go on a quest to find the best TENS unit that could work for me. I realized that there are so many of the units on the market and that they are very cheap. Among all the reviews that I found, TENS 7000 Deluxe Dual was the best. My insurance did not have to approve it because I could easily afford it. I tried my newly freely shipped TENS 7000 Deluxe Dual and I was amazed at how fast I felt the difference. The product stimulated my muscle nerve and I achieved instant relief from my post surgical back pain. I never forget to slip it in my handbag whenever I am going somewhere. The battery life, quality and price is not comparable to the other units on the market.

Until today, I still can’t believe the capability and function of TENS 7000 Deluxe Dual. I carry it in a small case that comes with it and take it everywhere I go. My doctor was equally amazed when I told her about the excellent results I got from my unit. I feel happy because I was able to challenge my doctor a little bit with my decision.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone even those who are not suffering from chronic pain, post surgical pain or post traumatic pain. It can be used effectively on menstrual pain, cancer pain, migraine and headache, the feet, back, neck, legs or any other part of the body or pain to provide the comfort needed. I gave it to some of my family members and they were quick to agree that there is no other unit like this one.

At a price lower than $50, you should give it a try and see how many benefits you will get. The storage case prevents you from changing the modes by accident. The unit has a wide range of modes which are different in levels of intensity and this is what I like most about the product. I noticed that other units that I have tried have a different intensity level which gave me a jolt when I changed the modes. This product does not have such functions. With the gradual levels on the unit, I feel really good when I change from one level to the other.

TENS 7000 Deluxe Dual has a sleek design and is user friendly. My thumbs are up for this wonderful product that is FDA and medically approved. It is the best and safest pain relief unit you can get on the market. I hope you have found this TENS 7000 review useful.

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